San Gervasio e Protasio, Torri di Quartesolo

Built by Franz Zanin in 1991

The Franz Zanin organ in the church of San Gervasio e Protasio, Torri di Quartesolo, Italy, was built in 1991 following the advice of Padre Antonio Cozza, an Italian Friar and renowned organ teacher who was the consultant for the instrument. The organ is strongly inspired by the Venetian organ building tradition, with large scale pipework and bright voicing. It also has some German baroque influences, which makes it particularly suitable for performing a vast amount of the Baroque repertoire.

In 2011, the organ was moved from its original location (San Giorgio in Gogna church in Vicenza) to the current church, which provides a much larger acoustic of around 5 seconds.

The sample set has two additions, a 16ft Contro Fagotto in the Pedal division, and a Cornetta (Tierce) 1 3/5ft to the Positivo, to increase the versatility of the instrument.

I Grand' Organo

Principale 8

Flauto Reale 8

Voce Umana 8

Ottava 4

Quinta Decima 2

Ripieno II 19.22

Ripieno II 26.29

Sesquialtera II

Tromba 8



II Positivo

Principale Coperto 8

Flauto in VIII 4

Flauto in XII 2 2/3

Quinta Decima 2

Cornetta 1 3/5*

Ripieno II 19.22

Cromorno 8


Contrabasso 16

Ottava 8

Quinta Decima 4

Contro Fagotto 16*

Trombone 8




*Virtual addition

Technical Information

Memory Requirements (Lossless Compression)

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