St. Peter and St. Paul, Cudham

Built by William Sweetland in 1894

The church of Ss. Peter and Paul in Cudham, Greater London, dates back to the 11th Century with the nave being built by the Normans, but a Saxon script reference is made to a church here in AD 982.

The organ was built by William Sweetland in 1894 and seems to be almost completely unaltered other than the addition of an electric blower system. It is a fine example of his work and of Victorian organ building. The acoustics are short, especially as the organ is 'boxed in' to the chancel, as was the trend of the time to be a lot closer to the choir.

The manual action is all mechanical, the pedal division is on pneumatic action. The pedal action needs restoring as almost half the pedal pipes do not speak, likely because of worn-out leather motors. In the sample set, these pipes were replaced with other retuned pipes nearby in the compass.

In the Hauptwerk Pitch menu, you can choose between Original Temperament or Equal. Original lets you play the organ with the tuning as it was on the day of sampling, but choosing Equal will perfectly tune every note if you are looking for a more refined sound.

I Great

Open Diapason 8

Clarabella 8

Dulciana 8

Principal 4

Harmonic Flute 4

II Swell

Bourdon 16

Violin Diapason 8

Lieblich Gedact 8

Vox Angelica 8

Voix Celeste 8

Principal 4

Twelfth 2 2/3

Fifteenth 2

Horn 8

Oboe 8



Open Diapason 16

Bourdon 16*

Bass Flute 8*

*Unit rank


Swell to Great

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Technical Information

Memory Requirements (Lossless Compression)

These requirements might vary slightly, allow about 2GB on top of this amount to calculate the minimum you should have installed on your computer for it to run without issues.