St. Ouen, Rouen - Composite

The organ of St. Ouen, Rouen was built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1890. Many consider it to be one of the finest organs built by him, described by Charles-Marie Widor as a "Michelangelo of an organ". It has 64 speaking stops spread over 4 manuals and pedals.

Out of existing demo sample sets, I have made this composite which has involved months of revoicing and balancing different ranks of existing pipes, to create a sound that is as close to the real St. Ouen as possible. Although not containing any ranks sampled from the real instrument, mixture specifications were copied to increase the realism of the composite. Many of the ranks were sourced from Cavaillé-Coll demos to get the desired result. The Positif has been created largely consisting of front ranks, whereas the rest of the organ is largely rear ranks - this helps to give the impression of a closer Positif division, as it is in real life, yet still keep the large acoustic of the Abbey.

I Positif

Montre 8

Bourdon 8

Gambe 8

Unda Maris 8

Flûte Douce 4

Dulciane 4

Doublette 2

Plein Jeu V

Cor Anglais 16

Cromorne 8

Trompette 8

Clairon 4


Anches Pos.

II Grand-Orgue

Montre 16

Violonbasse 16

Bourdon 16

Montre 8

Diapason 8

Flûte Harmonique 8

Bourdon 8

Salicional 8

Prestant 4

Trompette 8*

Clairon 4*


*(en chamade)

Octave Graves G.O.

Octave Graves Réc. / G.O.

G.O. Ventil




Anches G.O.

III Récit Expressif

Quintaton 16

Corno Dolce 16

Diapason 8

Flûte Traversière 8

Cor de Nuit 8

Voix Éolienne 8

Viole de Gambe 8

Voix Céleste 8

Flûte Octaviante 4

Viole d'Amour 4

Quinte 2 2/3

Octavin 2

Carillon I-III

Cornet V

Tuba Magna 16

Trompette Harmonique 8

Basson et Hautbois 8

Clarinette 8

Voix Humaine 8

Clairon Harmonique 4



Octave Graves Réc.

Octave Aiguës Réc.



Anches Réc.

IV Bombarde

Flûte 8

Flûte 4

Doublette 2

Fourniture V

Cornet V

Bombarde 16

Basson 16

Trompette 8

Clairon 4


Anches Bomb.

P Pédale

Soubasse 32

Contrebasse 16

Soubasse 16

Basse 8

Violoncelle 8

Bourdon 8

Flûte 4

Contre Bombarde 32

Bombarde 16

Contre Basson 16

Trompette 8

Clairon 4





Anches Ped.

Stops labeled in Red are activated by depressing the corresponding 'Anches' pedal for that division.

Technical Information

  • Sample and bit rate: 48kHz, 24 Bit

  • 2 Channels (Stereo)

  • Tremulant: Artificially generated apart from the Voix Humaine 8

  • Software required: Hauptwerk v4.2+

Memory Requirements (Lossless Compression)

  • 24 Bit, 2 channel stereo: 21.3 GB

  • 16 Bit, 2 channel stereo: 11.5 GB

For ranks labeled L/R, load these in Mono to save memory, this has no effect on the sound quality.

These requirements might vary slightly, allow about 2GB on top of this amount to calculate the minimum you should have installed on your computer for it to run without issues.

Demo Sample Sets required to run the composite:

Sonus Paradisi:

Piotr Grabowski:

After downloading all of these demos, install them one by one. Then install the composite files after purchasing it, then by selecting the organ in the organs list, it should bring up the rank routing screen without any problems. If you have any of these in full sets, you will need to download the demos of them as well, as the file paths are different.

Please note, do not load the rank called 'Anches Silent (don't load)' at the bottom of the rank list, or an error will appear upon loading the composite.

If you have any issues installing the composite, please contact me via the form on the contact page with your problem and I'll reply as soon as possible.


The Récit Voix Humaine 8ft was kindly shared by Sygsoft, taken from the Laurentius Rotterdam organ. If you like the rank, I encourage you to take a look at this organ sample set.

The Récit Clarinette 8ft and Contre-Bombarde 32ft were sampled from a Cavaillé-Coll by Julian Matthews to complete the specification.

Many thanks to both for helping the composite become better!

Note that since Paul's demonstration, the Voix Humaine 8ft has been updated, as well as very minor console changes.



Q: I get the message 'Could not load sample ID 000001 (pipe/goDiff/Montre8/036-C.wav) into pipe ID 051236 - the specified range marker does not exist in the file' when loading the composite.

A: Scroll to the bottom of the rank loading page, and you will see a rank called 'Anches Silent (don't load)'. By disabling this rank, it will solve this problem.

Q: Will the composite run if I have the full versions of the sample sets already installed?

A: I'm afraid it won't, as the file paths of the demos are different from the full sample sets.

Q: I want to use some couplers that don't exist on the console page.

A: At the top, click on 'View > Large floating control panels > Master couplers', this will enable you to reach almost every coupler you will want.

Q: I don't see any keyboards to assign my midi manuals to.

A: At the top, click on 'Organ Settings > Keyboards', and on the screen that opens you can set up your manual/pedal assignments.

Once purchasing the sample set via PayPal, you will be redirected automatically to a download where you can install the composite. Contact me via the form on the Info page if you have any issues downloading or installing, or if you are not redirected to a download.