Noel Mander Chamber Organ

Built by Noel Mander in 1982

This chamber organ, built by Noel Mander, is a wonderful example of his work. It is currently at St. Peter and St. Paul church in Bromley, UK. It is a great continuo instrument, suitable for accompanying a choir, performing solo pieces, or being used as part of an ensemble. The keyboard lifts up and can be shifted to the left by one semitone to make it transpose to A=415Hz instead of its natural A=440Hz tuning.

Both the Stopt Diapason 8 and Flute 4 are of stopped wooden 'rohr' pipe form in the trebles and the Principal 4ft borrows the lowest 6 pipes from the 4ft flute. However, in the sample set, the bass Principal pipes have been replaced to complete the full compass.

The organ sample set is available in 6 channels - Dry (sampled directly in front of the organ), Front (about 6 meters away), and Rear (about 15 meters away). Dry is especially ideal if you want to imitate what the instrument could sound like in your current room; the other two perspectives as it sounds in the church itself from different proximities. The key/stop action and blower were also sampled for the best realism.

The sample set is completely free to download and use, so if you enjoy using it, please consider donating - all donations will go to the church's music department.


Stopt Diapason 8

Principal 4

Flute 4

Fifteenth 2

Technical Information

  • Sample and bit rate: 96kHz, 24 Bit

  • 6 Channels (3 Perspectives)

  • Software required: Hauptwerk v4.2+

  • Manual Compass C-f3

Memory Requirements (Lossless Compression)

  • 24 Bit, 6 channels: 3.6 GB

  • 16 Bit, 6 channels: 2.1 GB

  • 24 Bit, 2 channels (Dry): 1.4 GB

  • 16 Bit, 2 channels (Dry): 0.9 GB

Dry sample ranks require slightly less memory than Front and Rear channels.

These requirements might vary slightly, allow about 2GB on top of this amount to calculate the minimum you should have installed on your computer for it to run without issues.

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